Sea & Learn Foundation has launched the Adopt-A-Box project

The Sea & Learn Foundation has launched the Adopt-A-Box project whereby the electrical boxes throughout the island are being beautified.

A few years back, the Saba Electric Company (SEC) took on the monumental task of putting the island’s power lines underground, thereby safeguarding Saba’s electrical infrastructure and leaving Saba’s beautiful views unobstructed without powerlines and utility poles.

Electrical box before beautification

Unfortunately, the valuable work by SEC also resulted in many unprotected electrical distribution boxes that are located throughout the island and considered an eyesore. Adopt-A-Box, a local community initiative, strives to be the “finishing touch” on Saba’s green energy movement.

Adopt-A-Box installs solid doors for easy access and fronts them with intriguing stories and images about Saba’s cultural heritage and natural environment. With the input of the Public Entity Saba and Juliana’s Hotel, several electrical boxes have already had doors installed. Adopt-A-Box has launched its campaign to encourage the adoption of the boxes to cover the many expenses involved.

Electrical box after beautification

The intention is to tackle all electrical boxes on the island. An additional benefit of the project is a walking tour for visitors and locals alike, enhancing the Saba experience. The Adopt-A-Box team is inviting individuals, families and companies to join its mission and sponsor a box in a location of their choosing.

Sea & Learn Foundation

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    This is so well thought out…AS Usual..A Sea & Learn Program Project!!!!! OF COURSE!
    Selfless and always having the Betterment Of Our Island Paradise….. IN THE…forefront of their Minds /Hearts & Actions!
    Proving again…IT TAKES A VILLAGE!
    ( Along With Great & Chased After & Strived for & Implemented…….. Innovative Ideas!)

  2. Creative thinking and, I call this project a win win situation. I will be honored to be helpful.

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