SCS and SHS school boards intensify collaboration

The boards of the Sacred Heart School (SHS) and the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) have decided to intensify their collaboration and to make a few changes that should contribute to a further improvement of the quality of education on Saba.

Since the signing of the second educational agenda in 2017, the idea has been to have the school board for the primary school, Stiching Katholiek Onderwijs Saba (SKOSaba), and the school board for the secondary school, Saba Educational Foundation (SEF) closely work together.

Earlier this week, after several meetings between the two school boards, staff of the two schools was informed that both school boards have agreed to work towards a new educational structure that supervises the schools.

As of August 1, 2022, current SCS principal Anton Hermans will be appointed as Executive Director for both schools. Together with the principal of the SHS and the principal of the SCS, he will work on improving the quality of education at both schools. The school boards will monitor and supervise the new team.

“There are many interesting and challenging topics we will have to work on such as the renovation and expansion of both schools, the safe and challenging learning and working environment for students and staff as well as to increase parental participation in the education of their child(ren)”, Hermans stated.

The new supervisory structure will consist of five board members, two from each school board and an independent president. As earlier this month the SEF treasurer stepped down after many years of faithful and dedicated service, and the two school boards agreed to seek one treasurer for both schools as another step toward working together.

“The benefit of working together also means sharing certain services together, such as Human Resources and Finances,” SKOSaba President Jonathan Johnson stated. Staff members employed at SKOSaba or SEF will be updated at the beginning of the new Academic Year 2022-2023 by the boards on how things will be moving forward.

School Boards SCS and SHS

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