Saba’s indigenous connections: Meet Former chief Auguiste at the Heritage center, April 19th

Former Kalinago chief Irvince Nanichi Auguiste from Dominica visits Saba for the first time to rekindle the connections of the past, break down borders and celebrate the Indigenous Caribbean population.

Former Kalinago chief Irvince Nanichi Auguiste from Dominica visits Saba

Archaeological research suggests that the first Indigenous peoples arrived on Saba 3800 years ago and were part of an extensive network in which people, goods and knowledge moved across the Caribbean Sea. Today the Kalinago Territory in Dominica is the only constituted legal space in the Lesser Antilles, but also other islands like Saba are presently home to Kalinago communities.

As part of the Islanders at the helm project, Mr. Auguiste will share his experiences, combining scientific and traditional knowledge, on Kalinago adaptations to climatic and social challenges and their progress in a global context from a local perspective. Former chief Auguiste, currently also the president of the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organisation, will be at the Heritage Center in the Windwardside on Tuesday, April 19th at 5.30 pm. You are all cordially invited to share knowledge about Kalinago culture and heritage and gain a unique understanding of the Indigenous synergies of the past.

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