“SabaLovin” website for youngsters launched on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2023

On February 14, 2023, Valentine’s Day, SabaLovin will be launched. On SabaLovin youngsters will get their answers on questions about sexual health and well-being. It normalizes the topic, creates an open conversation on sexual health on Saba, and makes sexual education accessible and relevant for local youth.
The website, being developed by the Public Health Department together with Soa Aids Nederland – Aids Fonds, will offer information about love and relationships, emotional well-being, being yourself, contraception, STIs, and knowing your boundaries. “SabaLovin” will enable young people to make desirable, pleasant, and safe choices toward sexuality. It is the first sexual health website for youngsters 12 to 25 in the Dutch Caribbean. “SabaLovin” will be inspired by Sense.info, a leading Dutch website for youngsters in the Netherlands, but it will be custom-made for the Saba youth so it addresses their needs.
The SabaLovin team
Marieke van den Borne and Hanneke Roosjen of Soa Aids Nederland – Aidsfonds were on Saba recently to work together with the local Public Health Department team on the development of SabaLovin. Marieke and Hanneke provided technical support in developing SabaLovin following a step-by-step approach, named Intervention Mapping, and shared their extensive experience in developing online content and – research. The team met with students to get their input on the different themes as well as with parents and other stakeholders.
The funding for the development of the website and the visit of Van den Borne and Roosjen to Saba has been provided by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).
The website SabaLovin fits in the activities of the Public Health Department to work on promoting a healthy lifestyle together with the Saba community. Students can already make use of the sexual health consultation that the Public Health Department holds at the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS) each week. There was also a pilot of Long Live Love on Saba Comprehensive School. Long Live Love is a Dutch comprehensive school-based curriculum. Based on the pilot results the educational package will be tailored to the Saban youth.
Public Health Department
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