Saba wins Statia’s first ever Wahoo Competition

The first ever Statia Wahoo competi­tion was held on the island. Teams from the islands of Statia, Saba and St. Kitts took part in the competi­tion on Saturday. Island Commissioner Derrick
Simmons was present at the Captains briefing prior to the start of the competi­tion.

The competition was organised by the Statia Government Department of Culture. Many people came out to see the compe­tition and results.

Team “Snapper” from St.Kitts holding their 58 lbs Wahoo catch.

The winning Wahoo was caught by Team Snapper from the island of St. Kitts, The wahoo weighed 58 lbs with a length 1.504 metres.

Rum Lucky from Sta­tia won the Best Dressed Team, while the Best Fe­male Angler was won by Cassie Holms from Saba.

Overall winner was Team “Happy Hour” from the is­land of Saba with 118 lbs of Wahoo, while team Oppor­tunity from Statia was the second overall winner with 85.5 lbs caught. Team Sec­ond Wind from Saba came in third with 76 lbs.

The boardwalk cafe also showed support to the competition as well as Is­land Water World, Island Lures, Hooker Gas station, Schmidt gas station and Papaya Inn, said Daniela Richardson of the Statia Government Department of Culture.

Dave Levenstone came over from Saba to assist and support. Richardson was on hand to congratulate all the winners and present the winning teams with a token of appreciation. The Statia team said they plan to do­nate part of their catch to senior citizens.

The Daily Herald.

Team “Snapper” from

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