Saba Wellness Pharmacy Spa and Ericka’s Harmony Spa merge in the WIB building

March is the month of the celebration of International Women’s Day. In The Bottom, on Saba, Saba business women Jacqui Christian and Ericka Sajona are collaborating to support each other as women in business.

Saba Wellness Pharmacy Spa and Ericka’s Harmony Spa from Hell’s Gate have merged premises and are open from 1 March at The Bottom in the old WIB building. Jacqui Christian from Saba Wellness Pharmacy continues to treat patients with acupuncture and massage. Ericka Sajona offers a wide range of health and beauty services to her patients.

The list is posted on the door of the premises. Acupuncture is an ancient Asian medicine system to treat a wide range of conditions from stress and muscle pain to more serious internal ailments. Various Massage types can assist with stress release, lymph drainage, weight loss and decreasing cellulite along with other therapeutic benefits to promote wellness.

Interested patients and clients should contact each practitioner directly by Whatsapp to schedule appointments: Ericka : 416 7410 Jacqui: 416 7687

March 8th - International Women's Day
Saba Doet kick-off on March 4th

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