Saba tourism partially recovered in 2021

In 2021, inbound tourism in the Caribbean Netherlands showed signs of recovery. The signs were evident in the number of visitor arrivals by air on Saba and St Eustatius. This is shown by the latest figures released by Statistics Netherlands (CBS).

Inbound air tourism on Saba still recovering

Saba received approximately 1,400 visitors by air in Q4 2021. This represents a 9-percent rise compared to the previous quarter. Despite the rise continuing into the fourth quarter, the number of visitor arrivals was still only 61 percent of the total two years previously (2,200 arrivals).

Last year, Saba received altogether approximately 4 thousand visitors. This is more than in 2020 – with only 2,700 visitors – but still lies 56 percent below the pre-pandemic level.


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