Saba to get 5.4 million euros to improve quality of life

St. Eustatius and Saba will be receiving a financial stimulus of fifteen million euros from the so-called “region deals” — equivalent to more than US $16 million. This was announced during the recent Kingdom Council of Ministers on Friday, February 9.

In total, 22 Dutch regions will receive funds to improve social security, quality of life, and sense of community. The Netherlands has allocated a total of 384.6 million euros to this end. The regions had to come up with their own plans to qualify for the stimulus.

For Saba, $5.4 million have been allocated to promote sustainable economic growth on the island and enhance education and development opportunities linked to sports and health. This is about $2,700 per resident.

The Daily Herald

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  1. It will really amount to $27.00 per resident when the bulk of the money disappears and is unaccounted for.

  2. $ 5.4 million Euros for our quality of life is a great deal of money. Are there published plans for its expenditure? Several residents and I would surely like to see a fairly detailed accounting of how the money will be spent.

  3. We should thank the Honorable and Distinguished Governor Jonathan Johnson that Saba is being entrusted with 5.4 million to improve quality of life on Saba. Governor Johnson has honored and has served Saba for more than 15 years Extraordinary; with Good Ethics and Intelligence. He has been a warrior for Saba, a patriot who embodied much that is best in Saba (being in accordance with the rules or standards for right conduct or practice, especially the standards of Leadership) just like his Uncle Will Johnson! Lt. Governor Johnson’s uncompromising quality in negotiation for Saba has left an enduring impact on the quality of Life of the Island Saba people for generations to come as the most Dynamic Visionary Governor and Statesman in the entire Dutch Kingdom!
    His Wonderful and Beautiful Aunt Patsy Johnson once told me when she was teaching me to play the Piano in her house; since I Kept insisting on a note “Cristian You are so Stubborn” and in her words I say to Honorable Lt. Governor Jonathan Johnson, to be stubborn in keeping the Rule of Law and in Standing up for Justice and Equality for All people! and in standing up for the wonderful People of Saba and to keep the exemplary Good Work and continue to lead Saba Vigorously!

    “For courage — not complacency — is our need today. Leadership — not salesmanship. And the only valid test of leadership is the ability to lead, and lead vigorously.” ( President John F. Kennedy)

    Cris Hassell

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