Saba still highest in level of vaccination

Saba re­mains at the top of the list with the highest vaccina­tion level within the Dutch Kingdom, Dutch Minister of Public Health, Welfare and Sport Ernst Kuipers stated in a COVID-19 up­date letter to the Second Chamber of the Dutch Par­liament on Tuesday.

In Saba, 93 per cent of the population 18+ has had both COVID-19 vaccina­tions, and among young­sters ages 12-18 this is even higher at 97 per cent. St.Maarten still has the low­est vaccination level in the Dutch Kingdom: 47 per cent of the adult population has received the initial two vaccinations, while a mere 25 per cent of youngsters ages 12-18 have been vac­cinated against COVID-19.

After Saba, the Nether­lands has the highest vac­cination level in the Dutch Kingdom. Up to March 13, 86 per cent of all 18+ resi­dents had concluded the basic series, namely the two initial vaccinations. The vaccination level among youngsters between 12 and 18 in the Netherlands is 85 per cent.

In Curacao, the vaccina­tion level among the adult population is 73 per cent, in Aruba 77 per cent, in Bonaire 80 per cent and in St. Eustatius 60 per cent. Of the youngsters between 12 and 18, 41 per cent re­ceived the first two vacci­nations in Curacao, 63 per cent in Aruba, 64 per cent in Bonaire and 29 per cent in St. Eustatius.

Minister Kuipers did not provide information on the percentage of booster vac­cinations that were given in the Dutch Caribbean. The Public health Departments on the islands are offering booster vaccinations. In the Netherlands, 62 per cent of the adult population took the booster vaccination. Children ages 5 and up can be vaccinated as well.

The minister further re­ported that the number of COVID-19 infections and hospital admissions in the Dutch Caribbean was sta­ble. This has made it pos­sible to relax the measures on the islands.

A so-called travel bubble has been implemented which makes it possible to freely travel between the islands. Per March 25, Bo­naire will no longer require a negative test result from recovered and fully-vacci­nated travellers to enter the island.

From today, Thursday, March 17, Saba eliminates one of the two post-arrival tests: arriving passengers will now only have to test on island on day four, in­stead of on days two and five. Having a pre-travel negative polymerase chain reaction (PCR) or antigen test result and Electronic Health Authorization Sys­tem (EHAS) approval re­mains mandatory.

The Daily Herald.

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