Saba, Statia Catholics joining for Ascension Fundraising Fun Day

Approximately fifty per­sons from the Roman Catholic Church on St. Eustatius travelled to Saba on Thursday, May 18, for an inter-island Ascension Family Fun Day. The day also served as a fundraiser for the Roman Catholic Church on Statia.

Members of the Roman Catholic Church of St. Eustatius on their arrival on Saba.

The group was warmly wel­comed by the parish priest, Malusca Baker and other members of the church. The visitors from Statia at­tended a service at Sacred Heart Church at 9:15am conducted by Father Zibi and Father Lukas. Following the service the day was spent with fun games, including tug of war, egg in the spoon, bible quiz and bingo games. There was also lots to eat and drink. The visit overall was “ecstatic,” said many of the attendees to the fun day. The funds raised will go towards the painting of the church interior. Volunteers will be coming over to Statia to assist with the painting. The Roman Catholic Church is currently under­going renovation that commenced in May 2022, which saw a delay due to several issues. The most recent set­back was that the church’s walls were found to be infest­ed with termites. The church had to seek extra funding to have its complete inside treated against termites, which took several months. Fortunately, the termites did not reach the roof.

Via several fundraisers the church was able to obtain ad­ditional funding to complete the renovations and to have the church building treated against termites. The work has restarted.

A fundraising musical con­cert in support of the repair of Statia’s Roman Catho­lic Church is scheduled to take place in St. Maarten at 7:30pm Saturday, May 27. Artistes LaVaun Henry, Connis Vanterpool, Isidore “Mighty Dow” York and oth­ers will take to the stage dur­ing the concert at the Catho­lic Parish Hall on Back Street.

The Daily Herald.

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