Saba residents with low income can apply for extraordinary benefits

On the recommendation of the State Secretary for Social Affairs and Employment and having regard to the further advice of the Minister for Social Affairs and Employment, the Public Entity Saba and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, have agreed and understood that the implementation of the BES Decree Special Benefit for Saba would become a task of the Public Entity Saba.

In line with this agreement, an ordinance was written in order to take into consideration the current policies and legal framework for the proper execution of procedures and application process, while providing a more tailor-made experience that will take into consideration the Saba culture and reduce the bureaucratic threshold. Subsequently, this ordinance was adopted by the Island Council of the Public Entity Saba in the Public Island Council meeting on December 28th, 2022, and will be cited henceforward as Ordinance Extraordinary Benefit Saba.

Once the formal transfer of task (overdracht) from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment to the Public Entity Saba has taken place, all residents of Saba whose total household income does not exceed 120% of the current minimum wage, can apply for extraordinary benefit (e.g. household appliances) at the Community Development Department, by requesting and submitting an application form.


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