Saba ready for 2023 triathlon

Saba is gearing up for the 2023 triathlon this Saturday, January 21. With 39 participants from different parts of the world, it promises to be another successful event.

Triathlon participants in 2019

Commissioner of Sports Rolando Wilson welcomes the triathletes from Saba, the neighboring islands, Colombia, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands partaking in the annual race which features an 800m swim in the sea, a very hilly 7km bike run with 600+ meters of elevation gain and a 7km trail run through the Saba National Park.

“May the experience of swimming, biking and running be an enjoyable and successful one. Good luck to everyone,” said Wilson. Among the 39 participants this year will be four children from St. Maarten who will do the entire triathlon. Twelve persons will do the trail run.

The trail will be slippery as a result of the rain of the past few weeks, but the organizers, the Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) and a few volunteers have been working on making the trail as passable as possible. Participants will gather at a pre-race dinner on Friday, hosted by Chez Bubba, where the briefing will also take place.


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