Saba parents asked to give feedback on childcare services

Are you living on Saba with a child between the ages of 0 and 12 years old? Can you spare a moment to provide your views on childcare services on Saba?

On behalf of the Public Entity Saba, Impact Consulting has been requested to conduct an independent study regarding childcare services on Saba. As part of this study, Impact Consulting has created a survey for parents to provide their views on the quality of childcare services on the island. The responses to the survey will be collected and processed for getting information and feedback about childcare services.

The data collected from the survey will only be used as a means of informing the study on childcare by Impact Consulting. The survey is intended to be anonymous and all efforts have been made to ensure anonymity.

Respondents of the survey are not asked for any contact information. Only Impact Consulting will be able to review your individual responses, which helps to protect the identity and privacy
of respondents. The survey will register the location of respondents to verify that respondents live on Saba to ensure accuracy in results. If a respondent is in Saba, the survey will register “Saba”, and not the exact locations of respondents.

The overall results of the study will be communicated to the public by the Public Entity Saba. Impact Consulting would like to thank parents in advance for participating in the survey and for
assisting in this research process. If respondents have any concerns regarding the processing of information from the survey, they can contact Carla Vlaun from Impact Consulting via email,

Or click here for the Link to the survey

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