Hiking Saba’s nature trails

Interactive map to Saba’s hiking trails Saba’s hiking Trails offer a nice view of Saba’s flora and unique beauty. Some pass old ruins, some delve into caves, some go around the uninhabited side of the island, some go through the rain forest, and all offer something different. Most trails are …

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Mount Scenery and its cloud forest

A 45 min. guided hike to the top of Mt. Scenery A 45 min. guided hike to the top of Mt. Scenery, a pristine cloud forest on the exotic Leeward Island of Saba. Follow biologist Tom van ‘t Hof and trail manager James Johnson to the top of Mount Scenery. …

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Saba Bank

Saba Bank The Saba Bank is a National Park, situated only 5 kilometres (3 miles) off the coast of Saba. It is a large offshore submerged atoll, the third largest of its kind in the world, and it is spectacularly rich in biodiversity. The total area of the actual Bank itself …

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