Saba, Kindernet sign contract for twinning

The public entity Saba and Kindernet child­care organisation from the Netherlands recently sealed their collaboration by signing a twinning contract.

As part of the BES(t)4Kids programme, the day-care and after-school-care organisa­tions in Saba are working in a twinning programme to­gether with Kindernet in the European Netherlands.

Director of Kindernet Selma Ozkan (left) and Island Governor Jonathan Johnson signed the twinning contract.

The twinning was set up to share knowledge, experiences and best practices. The part­ners mutually experience the set-up as very inspiring and useful.

“Children in the Caribbean Netherlands are entitled to the same opportunities to de­velop optimally as children in the European Netherlands. We are happy to contribute to this,” said Director of Kinder-net Selma Ozkan.

As part of the programme, employees of the organisa­tions had the opportunity to visit and work at each other’s locations. Over the summer of 2021, two Kindernet em­ployees worked on Saba for three months, and recently six employees from Saba went to the Netherlands to work and gain experience at Kindernet.

Kindernet management team visited Saba to support and work with Saba childcare management. During a week, Saba childcare management, along with staff input, cre­ated a solid foundation for a shared vision, mission and core values for childcare on Saba, it was stated. During this visit, the twinning con­tract was signed by Island Governor Jonathan Johnson and Kindernet director Oz­kan, in the presence of Saba Commissioner of Social Af­fairs Rolando Wilson and representatives of Saba child­care and Kindernet.

“This has given us a renewed passion and commitment. The week in its entirety was truly an inspiring one. Kindernet has provided much-need­ed guidance and support for both organisations on the island, as we go forward and strive to provide better qual­ity childcare services,” stated Saba childcare management.

The Daily Herald.

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