Saba Island Council exchange experiences with colleagues Zoeterwoude

The site DossierKoninkrijksrelaties reports that the members of the Saba Island Council have visited Zoeterwoude, the smallest municipality in South Holland. Differences and similarities were discovered in discussions with the municipal council members.

Topics that were offered: the powers of the council members and the island council members, the role of committee members, how the employers’ committee functions and how the council members deal with the dual role of the mayor as chairman of the Island Council and chairman of the Executive Council. “It was a nice exchange of challenges from council members of a small municipality in the Netherlands. And possible solutions and ideas for them,” said Mayor Fred van Trigt of Zoeterwoude.

(Photo: NVR)

The visit of the Sabans was organized by the Dutch Association for Council Members. “We think it is important that island council members from a small special municipality in the Dutch Caribbean come into contact with council members from a small municipality in the Netherlands, in this case Zoeterwoude. It is striking that there are similarities on many points,” says Henk Bouwmans , director of the Dutch Association for Council Members.

Woerden councilor Hendrie van Assem was present on behalf of the Councilors and Clerks Committee of the VNG. He invited the island council members to discuss with each other how the island council members of Saba, but also those of St. Eustatius and Bonaire, can join in the work of the Council Members & Registrars committee.

The working visit of the island council members not only included a visit to the town hall of Zoeterwoude. A cheese farm and the Heineken brewery were also visited. The delegation also attended a training day of the Dutch Association for Council Members on the role of local representatives, the method of debate and how the council can fulfill its role most powerfully.


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  1. Please provide the details – place, date and time – of the meeting to be held in The Bottom with respect to the schools/ education on Saba.

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