Saba is ready for today’s elections

Saba is ready for the March 15 elections when the people will vote for a new Island Council and for the Electoral College.

The two polling stations, one at the Sunny Valley Youth Center in The Bottom and one at Eugenius Johnson Center in Windward-side, were prepared on Tuesday afternoon. The locked ballot box­es and the voting booths, without a curtain, were placed at both polling stations.

Island Governor Jonathan Johnson at the Eugenius Johnson Center polling station in Windwardside.

The polling stations will open today, Wednesday, at 7:30am and close at 9:00pm. There are 1,259 eligible voters for the Island Council elections and 917 for the election of an Electoral College for the Dutch Parliament’s First Chamber. The voting cards were distributed in the past weeks.

Voters will receive two ballots, one for the Island Council and one for the Electoral College. There are 16 candidates for the Island Council election: seven for the Windward Islands People’s Movement (WIPM), six for the new Party for Equality and Prog­ress (PEP), one candidate of the new Saba Caring People Party and two on the blank list of Dave Levenstone. The candidates will be vying for five seats in the Is­land Council.

Seven candidates, all of the WIPM party, are on the list for the Electoral College election. The elections are prepared and overseen by the Central Voting Bureau, under the chairmanship of Island Governor Jonathan Johnson.

The preliminary results will be announced tonight, after the counting of the votes. The Vot­ing Bureau Public Entity Saba, under the chairmanship of Acting Island Governor Amelia Nichol­son, will do a final check on the reports, “processen-verbaal”, of the polling stations on Thursday morning.

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