Saba Hydroponics Farm Naming Contest

Unleash Your Creativity and Shape Our Sustainable Future

The Hydroponics farm has been operational since December 2023, starting with the production of lettuce and microgreens, and soon to supply tomatoes, cucumbers, and other crops. With this initiative, the island will become less dependent on imports and will be able to provide high-quality healthy products at an affordable price.

This project holds significant importance for the community as it underscores our commitment to community inclusion. The Public Entity therefore aims to facilitate community engagement in this project through workshops and farm visits. A naming contest is the next step in this collaborative effort, inviting individuals, families, and businesses to contribute their creativity to the project. Share your ideas with us by submitting your entry to

Contest Rules:

  • Only 1 entry per applicant
  • Include your full name, date of birth, and contact information.
  • The proposed name should exhibit originality while establishing a meaningful connection with the characteristics of the island.

The winning name will be chosen by the Executive Council, following a thorough evaluation by a team of agricultural and communication experts. Exciting prizes await those who come up with the catchiest names, including gift vouchers and a supply of fresh local products. Once the winning name is unveiled, the momentum will continue with a logo design contest at the Saba Comprehensive School. This additional initiative not only engages our younger generation but also ensures that the visual identity of our hydroponics farm reflects Saba’s creativity.

 Deadline: Thursday February 1st, 2024, 5:00pm


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  1. The naming deadline says 2023 but the article looks like it was just published….

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