Saba Electric Company NV. (SEC) taking steps to reach 100% sustainable energy

SEC is extremely pleased with the proposed subsidy from the Dutch Government and EU to expand its renewable energy generation through funding allocated by the Ministry of EZK and the European Union will soon make the expansion of its renewable energy facility a reality.

After years of strategic planning and discussions with stakeholders, funding has officially been announced by the Ministry of EZK and the EU for the Renewable Energy project on Saba. SEC is currently developing a road map for the implementation of additional renewable energy sources. The feasibility of Wind Energy along with additional Solar Energy in combination with Battery Energy Storage Systems technologies is being researched. These renewable energy sources may soon be the primary energy source for electricity production for consumers.

This project will enable Saba to advance its long-term vision of 100% sustainable energy and reduce its reliance on fossil fuel importation for electricity generation by 2025.

SEC believes in its objective of becoming a green and sustainable energy utility company. This investment will provide long-term benefits and value to both SEC and its customers.

• SEC currently has 36% of renewable energy generation on the island.
• The fuel savings since the implementation of Saba RE project is approximately 800,000 liters/year
• SEC is able to run the entire island on renewable energy for 5-8 hours daily with the diesel power plant completely offline.

“SEC is proud of its long-term vision of investing in renewable energy technologies for the island and believes that further expansion of renewable energy resources is vital for the future development of Saba. We believe that these additional investments will help reduce the high cost of electricity currently being experienced by our consumers. One of our key renewable energy implementation objectives is the affordability of electricity for all customers,” says Management.

“We would like to extend our gratitude to all stakeholders who have been instrumental in assisting SEC to reach this momentous point in this project. Our challenges have been heard and understood and for the support, we are very grateful.”

For more information about the project or if you have any further questions or concerns, email SEC at


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