Saba Celebrates Excellence at the Third Annual Sports Banquet

A night of celebration, recognition, and inspiration unfolded as the third annual sports banquet honored the young and talented athletes of Saba. The event, held at Saba Snack Gourmet, in the presence of proud parents, coaches, and community members, recognized the outstanding achievements of the island’s youth in various sports disciplines.

The ceremony began with an inspiring speech from Commissioner Heyliger, followed by motivating words from guest speaker Jocelyn Levenstone. A delightful buffet-style dinner was served, with tables creatively adorned with sports-themed items, adding to the vibrant and energetic atmosphere.

Presenters of the awards were honored to Jane O’Flynn, Joelyn Robinson, Lauren Risley, Eviton Heyliger, and Jocelyn Levenstone.

In the realm of Netball, Alina Smith won the Most Improved Award, while Ciandra Gomez shined with the Leadership award. Soccer stars Benjamin Hermans and Jose Rodriguez received accolades for Most Improved and Leadership, respectively. Basketball talent was recognized with Kemerlin Alcantara Nunez and Brandon Yara winning the Most Improved Awards for girls and boys, and Kayla Johnson and Laryan Del Carmen taking home the Leadership Awards. Volleyball’s rising stars included Emely Rosa and Rashijden Riley, winning the Most Improved Awards for girls and boys, with Hannah Johnson and Bernardo Baker recognized for their Leadership.

Special Awards marked the evening with ICS Saba receiving the Sponsor of the Year Award, Kendra Gomez named Student-Athlete of the Year, Alina Smith crowned Female Athlete of the Year, and Sergio Hughes honored as Male Athlete of the Year.

But the highlight of the night was the newly announced name Pinnacle Awards and the presentation of the Pinnacle Award itself, awarded to Kalya Johnson. The Pinnacle Award represents the summit of achievement in Saba’s sports, mirroring Saba’s own iconic pinnacles – Mount Scenery and the Pinnacles dive sites.

The recipient of the Pinnacle Award is “chosen by the coaches and should be given to the athlete who excels in sports but also in character by showing good sportsmanship, encouraging others, being a strong leader, and displaying a contagious passion for sports. It is impressive how this athlete’s presence and demeanor can shift the momentum of the entire team. This person should definitely be looked at as the role model in sports on Saba,” states Lauren Risley, one of the event organizers. The Pinnacle Award stands as a testament to Saba’s commitment to fostering excellence, integrity, and leadership in youth sports.

The Pinnacle Awards ceremony united those in attendance in cheers, applause, and heartfelt congratulations. The commitment of coaches, families, and community members has shaped the future of sports in Saba, fostering a sense of pride, community, and ambition.

A special thank you to all the coaches, families, and community members who have supported these young athletes. Their commitment and encouragement have been instrumental in shaping the future of sports in Saba.

This year’s sports banquet has not only celebrated achievements but has also fostered a sense of pride, community, and ambition. Here’s to the promising future of Saba’s sports and the potential within every child and teen.



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