Saba Bird Fest taking place from September 26th to 30th

The Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) and DCNA invite you to be a part of the upcoming Saba Bird Fest, taking place from September 26th to 30th, 2023, on the captivating island of Saba!

The Saba Bird Fest is a vibrant 5-day celebration is dedicated to highlighting the remarkable local birds of Saba, with a special spotlight on the captivating Red-Billed Tropicbird. Our event is thoughtfully designed to offer both locals and visitors a unique opportunity to forge connections with Saba’s avian residents through the lenses of art, birding, and insightful dialogues with bird conservation experts from the region.

Our festival will kick off with a delightful family fair brimming with bird-themed games and activities aimed at igniting curiosity and excitement among the younger generation. Dive into the awe-inspiring world of Saba’s avifauna with guided birdwatching tours along various island trails, led by the seasoned local guide and bird expert, Binkie van Es. For an evening with friends and family, we’ve planned an entertaining bird-themed trivia quiz. Additionally, we are honored to welcome Shanna Challenger, an esteemed Bird Conservation expert, who will share her invaluable conservation efforts in safeguarding seabirds on Redonda Island in Antigua and Barbuda.

Stay tuned for the comprehensive event schedule, soon to be available on our website at Please follow our Facebook page updates on the event as well.

We wholeheartedly extend an invitation for you to join us and kindly encourage you to share this extraordinary event with your network.


Missing vessel towed safely to shore by quick-thinking Sabans
Vessels in distress

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