Saba Arawak Hotel is a very welcome addition to Saba

Saba’s hospitality sector has a new, and most welcome addition since Friday, May 6: the Saba Arawak Hotel. With 27 rooms, the hotel will give a boost to the number of room accommodations on the island.

Named after the Arawak Indians that came to Saba during the 8th century for comfort and stability, the Saba Arawak Hotel wants to offer the same to its guests. “We came up with the name of the hotel to give tribute to the former inhabitants of Saba,” said manager Ahmad Mohamad.

The Saba Arawak Hotel is owned by the Mohamad family. “We already had many friends on Saba, and since we know a lot about hospitality, we wanted to do something for the island and bring more tourists to Saba,” said Ahmad Mohamad, who emphasized that the focus is on tourists and not on long-term rentals.

ARAWAK hotel in Windwardside – Pool view


Aside from increasing the number of room accommodations, the Saba Arawak Hotel will contribute to employment opportunities and support the continued growth of the local economy. “We want to contribute to the community and we hire people who already reside here,” said Ahmad Mohamad. “It took 2.5 years to build the hotel. We started construction just before the pandemic. It was a challenge and we are very happy that it is now open. The bookings are looking good and are especially strong around Saba Carnival in July.”

The Saba Arawak Hotel features 18 junior suites with one queen bed, six junior suites with two twin beds, and three large 1-bedroom suites with a king bed and a sofa bed. All rooms have fully-equipped kitchenettes. The hotel has a large outdoor swimming pool. The hotel’s restaurant and bar have been outsourced to Liam’s Cuisine Bar & Restaurant, which specialized in Asian and Caribbean dishes. The restaurant and bar will open soon and will be open to the general public as well. The swimming pool remains reserved for guests only.

Largest property

The Saba Arawak Hotel property is the largest on Saba. It consists of four buildings. One with six rooms, two with nine rooms, and one with three rooms, which includes the main entrance, laundry room, and the bar and restaurant. Each building has its own cistern.

The price per hotel room per night for the junior suites is US $129 before tax and US $159 before tax for the 1-bedroom suites. The hotel is on, and, but can also be booked through the hotel’s website, which will be operational soon, and via email: and telephone +5994162233.

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