RCN kicks off the Information campaign on Island Council and Electoral College elections

This week, the information campaign on the Island Council and Electoral College elections begins. These elections will take place on the 15th of March upcoming.

In the campaigns for the Island Council, with the slogan “Do you want our island to keep flourishing?”  and Electoral College elections, with the slogan “Every vote counts”, the entire election process will be discussed. On the website of the Rijksdienst Caribisch Nederland, you can find information about the elections and how everything works, for example: when someone can vote, what someone must have with him or her to be able to vote, what a valid identity document is, how a person entitled to vote can authorise someone to vote for him or her, what someone who has not received a voting pass must do, that buying or selling votes is punishable. You can also find out where polling stations are located on Bonaire, Saba and Sint Eustatius.

Via Facebook, local newspapers, radio stations and on TV, information will also be given about the course of events surrounding the elections. Residents of the Caribbean Netherlands will also receive an information leaflet delivered to their homes.

For more information:

Website RCN


Facebook: Electoral Colleges 2023

Island Council Elections

RCN is responsible for the information campaign commissioned by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and aims to educate and encourage voters to make informed use of their right to vote on the 15th of March.


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