Queen Wilhelmina Library Celebrates 100 years of Service

The Queen Wilhelmina Library, located in the Bottom, recently marked a significant milestone in Saba’s history by celebrating its centennial on Thursday, November 23, 2023. This momentous occasion brought together the vibrant community it has faithfully served for a century, fostering an atmosphere of reflection, gratitude, and anticipation for the future. Members from all walks of life, spanning generations, actively joined in the event. As a beacon of knowledge and cultural exchange, the library has consistently functioned as a cornerstone of the Saban community, and the centennial celebration highlighted the enduring connection between the library and its patrons.

Commissioner of Education Eviton Heyliger attended the celebration. Commissioner Heyliger acknowledged the library’s essential role in fostering education, unity, and intellectual growth within the community. His words resonated with the audience, emphasizing the library’s impact on the social fabric of the Saban community.

Commissioner Heyliger said in his speech “Each of you contributes to the ongoing story of this library by adding your unique chapters to the legacy we celebrate today. In a world that is ever changing, our library stands as a beacon of stability a testament to the enduring power of share stories and shared spaces as you navigate the daily task that keep this institution thriving remember that you are not just keepers of books but guardians of the living breathing entity that shapes minds and connects hearts”.

The presence of the esteemed Joanna (Nanny) Simmons, the library’s former head librarian, brought a reflective and sentimental flare to the celebration. Mrs. Simmons, a custodian of the library’s history, shared stories from the past and underscored the library’s evolution over the decades. Her words not only paid homage to the institution’s roots but also highlighted its ability to adapt and thrive in this present day, a testament to the dedication of the staff.

Current Head Librarian Tiffany Zagers took the floor and addressed the audience. She outlined the library’s commitment to embracing innovation, expanding its offerings, and ensuring continued relevance in the digital age. Ms. Zagers articulated a vision of the library as a dynamic hub for learning, cultural exchange, and community engagement, setting the stage for the library’s next chapter. She encouraged members in the audience to walk around and review the stories crafted by the students of Saba Sacred Heart School, which were showcased for exhibition. Ms. Zagers also provided the audience with the opportunity to come forward and share their past experiences at the Queen Wilhelmina Library.

Celebrating a century of service, The Queen Wilhelmina Library in the Bottom serves as proof of the enduring influence on providing the community with knowledge. Conveying a vision for the future and highlighting the library’s dynamic commitment to evolving in the current times. With a rich history and a favorable future, the Queen Wilhelmina Library remains a vital foundation in Saba, fostering education, unity, and the exchange of ideas for generations to come.



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