Police report of Monday, the 25th of March until Wednesday, the 3th of April 2024

Collision Fortbay Road SABA

During the overnight hours on Monday, April 1st, a one-sided scooter collision occurred on Fortbay Road on Saba. Due to reasons still unknown, the driver and two passengers (including a minor) fell off the scooter, and were injured as a result. They were taken with a personal car to the hospital for medical treatment. Later that same day, two of the three victims had to be flown to St. Maarten for further medical treatment.

Traffic check SABA

During the morning hours of Monday, March 25th, several vehicles were stopped for a traffic check on Lambert Hassell Road on Saba. During the check, 53 vehicles were checked with 8 fines issued.

These were as follows:

  • 5x for driving without paying road tax;
  • 2x for driving without wearing a seat belt;
  • 1x for driving without a valid driver’s license.

KPCN would like to remind everyone to have the necessary documents in order. Adhering to the rules of the traffic ordinance is strongly recommended. This also contributes to safe traffic on the island.


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