Opinion: Naming “Black Rocks” harbor

Dear Editor,

I just watched with great pleasure the video on YouTube of Cheryl Hernandez with Commissioner Bruce Zagers about the new harbor project on Saba to realize a real marina. How wonderful it is that Saba can finally be visited with your own motor or sailing yacht that can remain moored at the quay. Think about how you can easily moor from one of the surrounding islands on this hidden gem of the Caribbean.

With this beautiful image in mind, however, there is one thing that does not fit this idyllic picture as far as I am concerned and that is the current name of the project Black Rocks Harbor. I understand that the area where the new marina will be located has had this name for many years and has therefore been adopted as such, but imagine that on a pleasant day you come to visit this beautiful island with your boat and this name is high on the Welcome to Saba sign.

Black Rocks Harbor personally reminds me of a nuclear submarine base in Siberia! You get the feeling that you are immediately being shot at by pirates when you dock. Wouldn’t it be much kinder to launch another name before this current name really becomes established? (Something I am genuinely concerned about!) Wouldn’t a name like “Tamarind Harbor” or “Guava Bay Harbor” be a better fit and more welcoming for visitors?

Perhaps it would be an idea to organize a competition so that the whole of Saba can think about this? Saba is so beautiful and so friendly, in my opinion, the new marina deserves a much friendlier name that does more justice to Saba’s pet name “Unspoiled Queen”.

Caroline Hompes

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  1. “Black Rock” fits in very good with “Hells Gate”.
    I have no problem with that.

  2. Jo Bean Chambers

    Black Rocks has been a splendid place name on Saba for many many generations. The rocks help protect the nests of the largest populations of one species of tropic birds the world. Black Rocks is a land mark seen from the sea. Saban people, scientists and visitors rather like our real historic place names.

  3. Capt Jack Sparrow

    Keeping the name Black Rocks is in line with maintaining the original names of properties on Saba. Everyone one Saba knows that area as the Black Rocks and it does not need to be changed. Keep the silly names for the restaurants that come and go.

  4. Dave Levenstone

    Honestly speaking and with all respect the naming of anything on Saba should be left up to the native indigenous Sabans. Our forefathers named this area Black Rocks and it should not be changed to please anyone.

  5. The area is actually Great Level Bay.

  6. That is the name that was given to the area many generations ago. I feel the name should stay the same in honor of those past Saban’s that named it that

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