Opinion: ARAWAK Hotel welcomes visitors and guests from May 6th

Letter to the Editor:

Dear People of Saba,

It was a pleasure working hand in hand with the local community, our Saba Government, and Island Counsels. With the encouragement of our friends here in Saba we started the hotel project two and half years ago, overcame pandemic delays, and successfully completed the venture as it was planned.

 We are very thankful to so many of you, who have been with us every step of the way. With your combined effort and dedication, together we have made this venture become a reality.

It is an honor to join the Saba Hospitality and Tourism sector. Saba Arawak Hotel will increase the number of room accommodations, contribute to employment opportunities, and support the continued growth of the island’s economy.

We are proud to announce the opening, May 6th, 2022 of Saba Arawak Hotel, featuring 27 suites, restaurant, and outdoor swimming pool in Windward Side, bringing comfort to the Saba tourists and guests. We commence operation with a strong start, by receiving several inquiries and reservations.

For more information contact us at  +(599)416-2233 or info@sabaarawak.com or http://www.sabaarawak.com

Saba Arawak hotel welcomes you and island visitors to be our guests.


Saba Arawak Management

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