Ongoing Works at Cove Bay Beach

Following a comprehensive evaluation of the upgrades at Cove Bay Beach, several key additions have been incorporated into the project’s scope. These enhancements have necessitated adjustments to the initial project timeline to ensure long-term sustainability.

Key Project Additions

To address challenges posed by heavy rainfall, a comprehensive water drainage system is being installed. This system aims to prevent erosion and protect the newly renovated beach from being washed away, ensuring that the improvements remain durable and effective over time.

Progress on Renovations

The renovation of the Cove Bay building is largely complete, with only minor additions needed for the bathroom facilities. Additionally, an extension of the current ramp will be included to better facilitate water access, particularly for the elderly.

Commitment to Public Infrastructure

PES remains dedicated to enhancing public infrastructure and ensuring that the island remains a beautiful and welcoming destination. Further updates on the Cove Bay Beach project will be provided as work progresses.




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