Method for calculating child support updated

To determine child support, a new calculation model is being used since 2022 on the basis of which the Guardianship Council Caribbean Netherlands advises the court. This calculation model is updated every year. This year, changes to the minimum wage, child benefit and living costs have had an impact on the new model.

The Guardianship Council CN uses a calculation model to calculate how much child support must be paid. This calculation model first involves determining the financial capacity of the parents and the needs of the child(ren), based on island norms and the investigation into the social minimum. Based on both outcomes and a correction for child benefit, the child support amount is determined for both parents. The next step involves examining how many days the child stays with the mother or father and calculating the final child support amount.

The model must remain up-to-date in order to be useful in court. That is why the model is evaluated every year. Due to all the changes in standard costs for, for instance, wages and child benefit, as well as recent research into the social minimum in the Caribbean Netherlands, the amounts applicable as of the 1st of January 2024 were also updated in the child support calculation model.

Recalculation child support

It is only possible to request already-assigned child support to be recalculated if there are good reasons for doing so. In other words, there must be a structural change in the situation of the child, the party that receives child support or the party that pays child support in order to request recalculation. For instance, unemployment, a change in job and income, or a change in the family composition or child’s main place of residence could be a reason to request recalculation. Proof must also be provided for the change in circumstances. Recalculation cannot simply be requested if the party that pays child allowance wants to pay less or the party that receives child support wants to receive more.

More information

More information about requesting child support and the calculation model for child support can be found on the following website:

Parents that want to apply for child support or perform a recalculation can contact the Guardianship Council on the island where the child is registered.


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