Messages concerning the St. Johns parking lot and work at the Cruyff Court

St. Johns parking lot

The new parking lot in St. Johns next to the schools was finished this weekend.

Parking alongside the road between the no parking signs creates dangerous situations, and emergency vehicles cannot pass. Please be aware that parking between the no parking signs is prohibited and can lead to a warning or fines.

Cruyff Court

Starting Monday, February 28th, construction will begin at the Johan Cruyff Court, as the field needs some significant improvements. Construction should last about 5 weeks, and during this time, the Cruyff Court will not be available for use.

The field will be completely resurfaced with new turf, have new lines for more sports & activities, and the hill in the back will be removed, so the entire field is level.

GIS Saba

Saba Doet kick-off on March 4th
Covid-19 test facilities on Saba

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