Meeting on youth wellbeing

On Thursday, March 24, Saba Commissioner Rolando Wilson met with Care & Youth Caribbean Netherlands ZJCN official Trisha Gumbs-Yu, Head of the Youth Department Maidelyn Martijn and Elly Rojer, behavior specialist that supports the team on Saba.

During the meeting, several topics with regard to the wellbeing of the youth on Saba, the collaboration between ZJCN and the Community Development Department of the Public Entity Saba were discussed. Available activities for the youth, plans for the future of the youth and developments in general in the area of youth were talked about as well. Commissioner Wilson said it was a good and informative meeting.

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  1. I am amazed to see so many smiling faces around the table when bullying at the schools has developed to such an extent, that several parents have decided to leave Saba for the safety and mental health of their children.

    2 years ago, parents had already complained about the situation. Recently, the Inspectorate of Education has found an unacceptable situation at the primary school.

    But this article shows happy and satisfied professionals.
    “There is something rotten in the state of Saba”, Shakespeare would conclude.

    Kees Jansen

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