Irritation on Saba over off-duty police officers displaying weapons

The incidents have raised questions and unrest on the island, which is known for being exceptionally calm. “I wonder if this happens on Bonaire as well and what consequences there are for displaying this kind of behavior,” says Saskia J. Matthew of the political party The Party for Progress, Equality, and Prosperity (PEP) in a conversation with ABC Online Media.

The incident in question occurred in the early morning of January 1, 2024, at the Ocean Club in Fort Bay. The officer in question, not in uniform and participating in the festivities, reportedly displayed his weapon. According to Matthew, the incident caused unnecessary tension and unrest.

Fort Bay harbor, Saba

An off-duty police officer carrying a weapon in such an environment raises significant concerns on the island. Saba is known for being safe, and the sight of an officer using their weapon during a social gathering is seen by many as disturbing and inappropriate. The involved officer was present as a partygoer and consumed alcohol. “The behavior of the officer is not in line with what is expected of a law enforcement officer on the island,” says the young politician.

According to witnesses, the already tense situation escalated further when another off-duty officer confronted another attendee at the party. The officer in question allegedly made a throat-slitting gesture. This behavior is also the subject of much discussion on the smallest BES island.

In the meantime, various videos are going around on the internet of the incident, in which both the weapon and the Officer in question can be seen.


ABC Online Media, in the interest of fair reporting, has sought a response from the Caribbean Netherlands Police Force (KPCN) but received a somewhat nondescript answer, as is often the case in such situations. “An investigation into the use of the firearm is being initiated. This is a standard procedure that is activated when an Officer has used their firearm and/or applied force,” said the spokesperson for KPCN on Tuesday afternoon.

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