Hydroponics Team visits Happyponics in Aruba

During the week of April 15th, Commissioner of Agriculture, Bruce Zagers, and the Saba hydroponics team, Camilo Usuga and Sam Frederick, visited Happyponics, a hydroponics Farm in Aruba.

Happyponics farm in Aruba

Within 6 years, the “Happyponics”  farm achieved a production of over 4,000 lettuce heads per week. Appyponics supplies restaurants, hotels, and the local fresh market. It specializes in 10 different types of lettuce and assorted herbs.

The purpose of the visit was to expand the knowledge of the Saba hydroponics team by gaining information from a farm that is fully operational, with a reputation of being a reliable supplier of fresh food. As the hydroponics farm on Saba continues to expand, learning best practices from successful and established farms in the region brings many advantages, such as gathering insights into suppliers and networking opportunities.

According to Commissioner Zagers, the ultimate goal is to expand production at Saba’s hydroponics farm. “Having the opportunity to see how it is done on such a professional level was not only impressive, but also a great learning experience for the team. We now have a better idea about the steps that are necessary to increase production, which we hope to accomplish in the coming months,” stated Commissioner Zagers.


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