Goat Removal in Designated Hunting Zones starting December 1st

As part of the Nature and Environment Policy Plan for the Caribbean Netherlands, the Public Entity Saba continues with the removal of roaming goats for its livestock control project. The method to remove roaming goats is through shooting (and capturing). For this, the Public Entity Saba has appointed a government hunter and several designated hunters to remove roaming goats.

Starting December 1st, shooting will take place in:

  •  The Ladder Bay area, Paris Hill, Well’s Bay and up to the back of Troy Hill;
  •  The Fort Bay, Fort Bay Road and Landfill area;
  •  The areas of the Round Hill, Crispeen, Tara Ground, and part of the Bottom Mountain;
  •  The areas of the Johnny’s Ground, the Flat of the Nut Trees, the Schooner Bush and Banana Gut;
  •  The Sulphur Mine area;
  •  The areas of Spring Bay and Kelby’s Ridge.

Shooting will take place throughout the week and on weekends.

During this time, hiking trails in and around these zones will remain open where possible. These include the Middle Island trail, Mary’s Point trail, the Ladder Bay trail, Crispeen Track, the Bottom Mountain Trail, Tara Ground Trail, the Dancing Place Trail, the Spring Bay trail and the Sulphur Mine trail. Signage will be placed at trail entrances to inform the public on days that hunting takes place.

The zones extend to the areas as outlined in red in the maps published on the Public Entity website. For more information about the removal of goats in this zone and the goat control project, contact the project manager via whatsapp at +31 6 508 648 78 or email sarah.vanderhorns@sabagov.nl.

The public will be informed in advance when shooting will take place in other zones throughout the island designated by the Public Entity.


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