FXDC Post and ICS: “Strategic Alliance in the benefit of postal services on Saba”

Flamingo Express Dutch Caribbean N.V. (FXDC Post) has the concession for all postal services in the Caribbean Netherlands since January 1, 2014. This concession has been recently extended by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for another 3 years.

After a thorough evaluation, FXDC-Post decided to make some changes to take the current postal services to a higher level on Saba. Due to the limited availability of staff, the post office was sometimes closed for weeks.  To improve the overall services, FXDC Post entered into a strategic partnership with Island Communication Services Saba N.V. (ICS), whereby ICS Saba will carry out various activities for FXDC Post. This collaboration has taken effect on December 1st.

Nicole Merkies -managing director FXDC Post and Alida Heilbron- managing director ICS Saba are looking forward to this exciting cooperation and are convinced that this alliance will add great value to the quality of the postal services on Saba.

“ICS has 25 years of experience with logistics services on Saba and has been very client-oriented all these years and we are certain this cooperation will strengthen the quality of postal services”, according to Alida Heilbron. Nicole Merkies indicates that ICS is “the best fit” to take postal services on Saba to a higher level.

There will certainly be some “teething problems” initially, but the ambition is to keep the transition period as short and smooth as possible. FXDC Post is grateful for the understanding and continued support during this transition period.

The office for postal services remains unchanged at its current location in Windwardside.


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