Food Handlers Training

The Public Entity, in collaboration with food safety trainers from Statia, announces the successful completion of its recent Food Handlers Training on Saba. The week-long program, held from June 19, 2023, to June 22, 2023, brought together participants from the public to provide them with essential knowledge and skills in food safety and handling.

Group photo of registered participants

Throughout the week, participants engaged in educational lessons led by trainers from Statia. The curriculum covered crucial topics such as proper food storage, temperature control, personal hygiene, cross-contamination prevention, and sanitation practices. “We are happy to have collaborated with the trainers from Statia to bring a Food Handlers Training program to the public on Saba,” said Randall Johnson, Head of Agriculture at Public Entity Saba.

As part of a larger initiative to enhance food hygiene standards, Public Entity is working towards implementing a food safety policy, which will require individuals to successfully complete a food handlers training prior to renewing or obtaining their food handler’s card. This ensures that food handlers remain updated on best practices and maintain a high level of competence in food safety.

Public Entity is committed to promoting public safety through proper food handling practices. By empowering participants with knowledge and skills, the program contributes to elevating the overall culinary standards on Saba. Public Entity extends its congratulations to all the participants for their commitment and successful completion of the Food Handlers Training.

To provide the public with further information about the policy and the new processes for obtaining food handler’s cards, the Public Entity will be organizing an information session after the summer and prior to the next training session later in 2023. This information session will offer valuable insights and guidance to individuals interested in obtaining or renewing their food handler’s card. Stay tuned for further announcements regarding the upcoming information session and details about registration for the next course.


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