Ferry services and flights to Saba disrupted by TS Tammy

The Makana Ferry will due to the passing of Tropical Storm Tammy ­not be travelling to Saba today. This was Friday, or tomorrow, Saturday, announced by Public Entity Saba on Thursday.

Saba’s airport will also be closed on Saturday, which is when the tropical system is expected to pass near or over the northern Leeward Islands. However, the airport will be open today, Friday.

The Public Entity said ferry and flight services are tentative for Sunday. This will depend on conditions at the time. The Public Entity has also called on residents to clean the areas around their homes and businesses.

“Seeing the impending weather conditions, we kindly request all residents who have any materials that are disposable and can be considered hazardous in the storm, within their home, yard, or business, to promptly transport these materials to the designated waste facility before the stipulated closing time” said the Public Entity. “If you are unable to undertake this task, we encourage you to reach out to the Sanita­tion Department today by e-mail to request the neces­sary assistance.”

The Daily Herald.

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