Enforcement starts on Single-Use Plastic Ban

On January 1st, 2021, Saba implemented a single-use plastic ban. This ban prohibits the sale or use of plastic bags, plastic single-use plates, single-use plastic containers, plastic utensils, and Styrofoam containers. Bioplastics are also banned. Although sourced from sustainable materials, they are still challenging to break down. By avoiding the use of plastic, the island produces less waste. Although most restaurants, bars, and shops comply with the plastic ban, there are some violations of the single-use plastic ban, and enforcement will start in the upcoming weeks. Non-compliance will result in written warnings and fines. Remember, caterers, organizers of events, and food vendors should also comply with the single-use plastic ban.

Exceptions to the ban are as follows;

  • Single-use plastic bags and packaging that are used to repack meat, fish, bread, and cheese.
  • Single-use plastic carrying bags for fruit and vegetables (fresh produce)
  • Bioplastic cups for soft drinks and alcohol (e.g., greenware cups)

If you have questions about the single-use plastic ban, contact recyclesaba@sabagov.nl

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Public Health Department created Healthy Lifestyle Saba Facebook page.
Police report of Friday, the 28th of January until Monday, the 31st of January 2022

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