Dutch monitor rates for air traffic control

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management “moni­tors” the rates of air traffic control in Curacao, as can be read in the updated Imple­mentation Agenda Aviation Memorandum of the ministry in the Netherlands.

“Every year we check whether the tickets from Bonaire to Curacao are not rising too much. If that is the case, we can pay a small subsidy to moderate the fares and keep the tickets affordable for the residents of Bonaire,” explained a spokesperson.

The implementation agen­da also states, among other things: “For the Caribbean Netherlands, aviation is vital for the economy, for the transport of residents and goods, for tourism and for patient transport. To guarantee the accessibil­ity of the islands, there is also a task for the aviation themes: safe, connected, living environment and sustainable. This assign­ment will be translated into a broad implementation agenda for the islands.”

“The government con­tributes to (affordable) ac­cessibility of the Caribbean Netherlands for the promo­tion of the local economy and social perspective. For Saba and St. Eustatius, the national government is ex­ploring whether a public service obligation on the routes to St. Maarten con­tributes to accessibility. To this end, the minister of Infrastructure and Water Management is first pre­paring an amendment to the law to create an insti­tutional basis. Simultane­ously, the ‘financeability’ is investigated with stake­holders.”

The Daily Herald.

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