Drone usage for vegetation survey

The Public Entity Saba will carry out a baseline vegetation survey as part of its reforestation project. The survey will be carried out from May 2nd – 11th and will be done with the use of a drone and multispectral camera for capturing vegetation on a detailed level. The aim is to survey the entire island with the exception of the top of Mount Scenery and the area surrounding the airport, as seen in the image below. These activities will be carried out in coordination with the airport manager and public order and safety manager to ensure both air traffic and public safety.

The vegetation survey will serve as a starting point for monitoring the recovery and expansion of native vegetation. It will also give a clear picture of the current status of vegetation density and health and soil erosion throughout the island. This information will be used to identify and map out areas for (re)foresting and other restoration and mitigation activities as part of the implementation plan for this project.

The reforestation project is being carried out as part of the Caribbean Netherlands Nature and Environment Policy Plan 2020 — 2030. The goal of this project is to boost the recovery process and expansion of the island’s forested areas in order to reduce the land-based pressures of erosion and runoff that impact Saba’s coral reefs and increase the availability of local food.

The Executive Council of the Public Entity Saba.

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