DJ Osocity’s donates to Saba Lions Club 

Well-known DJ Osocity made a lasting impact during his recent visit to Saba and St. Eustatius. He created captivating videos for each island, which gained worldwide attention, with Saba’s video already surpassing 2 million views.
DJ Osocity on Saba
In an act of generosity, DJ Osocity announced that he would donate his $2500 payment to charities on both islands, making his service free of charge. For Statia, he divided the funds equally among various foundations, and for Saba, he chose one foundation, the Saba Lions Club. The money was donated towards the signature project Meals on Wheels.
“Saba and Statia extend their deepest gratitude to DJ Osocity for his heartfelt donation. The selflessness and generosity shown by DJ Osocity is a reminder of how one person can make a significant difference, inspiring all of us to contribute positively within our communities,” said Saba’s Director of Tourism Malinda Hassell.
Saba Tourist Office
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