Cybercrime case study on digital investigation in Dutch Caribbean

As of April 2021, the Dutch Caribbean Police Force KPCN has established a special cyber team with the aim of providing proper cybercrime support in the coming years.

Besides the Digital Investigation Teams TDO, the Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) contributes immensely to the develop­ment of digital investigation specialisms within the force.

The case study was written by Cyber Quartermaster, Erik van de Sandt, coordinator of Team Digital Investiga­tion Elston Martis, Head of Investigation Alwyn Braaf, Chief of Investigation Steven Senior and Head of Infor­mation Melvin Sint Jago of the KPCN.

This case study describes the situation for the TDO and CCU in 2021, the strategy the KPCN wants to grow to­wards, the tactical focus on victims, offenders and infra­structure to tackle cybercrime holistically, the operational focus on skills and the intelligence imagery and execution that make the TDO and CCU functional.

It concludes with the goals and visions for the future of the digital investigation specialism in the Dutch Carib­bean.

While digitisation has given the police better tools to tackle crime and get persons the help they need faster and more efficiently, it has also given criminals the means to commit crime with the same efficiency. Without proper enforcement, the public remains vulnerable to cyberat­tacks of all kinds.

The cyber team of the KPCN is unique in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom and actively seeks (international) collaboration with police forces, organisations and part­ners that support them in this. In doing so, they strength­en the KPCN and the population of the BES (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba) islands to stay safe, alert and well-informed about cybercrime.

To read the full case study, visit:­bisch-nederland-een-cybercrime-casestudy.html.

The Daily Herald.

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