Chair massage for Saba civil servants

The Public Entity Saba has introduced something new for civil servants: a chair massage to relax the muscles in the back, neck and shoulders.

Last week Friday, March 3, the Departments of Public Health and Human Resources Management launched the Chair Massage Pilot. Health Promoter Allan Carolina of the Public Health Department does the chair massages for which civil servants can sign up.

Allan Carolina with the chair massage equipment.

Chair massage is a massage service where the therapist uses acupressure, which is an application of pressure with the hand, thumbs and elbow, in order to relax the upper back. The chair massage stimulates the blood flow and oxygen, and results in more energy, leaving people feeling physically and mentally better.

The aim of the Chair Massage Pilot is to improve physical and mental well-being and to stimulate more relaxation at the workplace. This project is yet another step to stimulating more health and well-being in our community, said Carolina.

In the next four weeks every civil servant can sign up for a chair massage on Fridays, which take place at the Public Health Department. “We hope that all civil servants make use of this opportunity to release stress and tension in the workplace, which will increase work enjoyment and productivity,” said Carolina.


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