Celebrating Saban youths during Youth Week 2023

Saban youths will be center stage during Youth Week 2023 from August 7-12 which will be celebrated with four events and the Youth Recognition Awards.

Connection, support, advocacy, appreciation, putting youths in the lead. Befitting words for the first Youth Week that is being organized on the initiative of Saban youths, supported by the Public Entity Saba and the Youth 13+ Program, and coordinated by the Community Development Department and its Community Outreach Coordinator Kemaul Lee.

The initiative for Youth Week came from the student body of the Saba Comprehensive School (SCS). Aside from the activities that will be organized from August 12 to 17, the Youth Recognition Awards will be presented in several categories. The public is invited to submit names of extraordinary youths. “It is important to do this so our young people feel appreciated and recognized for their contribution to society,” said Lee.

Youth Week celebrates young people aged 13-24 years and is designed to offer a range of programs/activities led by young people. It is an opportunity for young people to share ideas, have their voices heard on issues of concern, showcase their talents, celebrate their contribution to the community, and enjoy celebrating with their peers.

The first aim of Youth Week, which will become an annual event, is to provide young people with an opportunity to lead and enjoy activities that celebrate their contributions and elevate their voices on issues that impact their lives. The second aim is to actively get young people involved in the planning, coordination, and implementation of activities/programs.

Four main activities are on the Youth Week 2023 program: the Youth Summer Splash at Cove Bay, the Outdoor Movie Night at the Johan Cruyff Court, a Cultural Evening with cultural wear, talents, and spoken word, and the Summer Sports Jam. More information on the activities will be released in the coming period.


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