Catholic youth group goes on exchange trip

The youth group of Sa­ba’s St. Paul’s Conversion Ro­man Catholic Church went on an exchange visit to St. Maarten and Anguilla last week.

According to the group’s leaders, the trip’s purpose was to give young Sabans a different experience of giving back to others.

In St. Maarten, the group volunteered at White and Yellow Cross Care Founda­tion (WYCCF). They played games with residents at the foundation’s Sister Basilia Center and organised a bingo with prizes purchased from the funds raised and donated for the group’s trip.

The youth group volunteered at St.Maarten’s White and Yellow Cross Care Foundation (WYCCF) during their exchange trip last week.

As part of the exchange, the group also spent an evening of service and sharing with the St. Maarten Catholic Church youth group and other mem­bers of the local church.

On its day-trip to Anguilla, the group visited St. Gerald’s Catholic Church, where they met with members of the An­guilla Catholic youth group, went on a tour and enjoyed activities at the beach.

The trip to St. Maarten also included tours and fun-filled evenings. The last activity before the group’s return to Saba was a visit to Ujima Foundation, where they made a contribution to the foster home’s residents.

The youth group consist­ed of seven leaders and 12 youngsters 11-15 years old. The group was led by Saba’s Roman Catholic priest Fr. Zbigniew Orlikowski.

The group thanks the Saba community for supporting its fundraising events and providing donations for the exchange trip.

The Daily Herald.

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