Caribbean Chambers of Commerce aim at more cooperation

Last week the members of the Association of Dutch Caribbean Chamber of Commerce (DCCC), met in Curaçao to discuss various matters pertaining to the economies of the Dutch Caribbean and to interchange ideas on servicing their members. DCCC consists of the Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba, representing over 65.000 companies in total.

The one-day event included a discussion on the ‘LandsPakket’, the relationship with Venezuela, new rules on company registration, and most importantly, ways to improve the economic connectivity of the islands.

After a fruitful day of discussions and exchange of knowledge and ideas, the members of DCCC signed a document with 3 points that they agreed upon to be very important for the economies of the islands:

  1. That the Chambers support the implementation of the ‘Landspakket’ to increase the resilience of the economies of the CAS- islands countries in the Kingdom. In addition, they find it essential that fiscal-, social-, economic- and labor reforms lead to sustainable improvement. In this document, it is also stated that it is fundamental that a holistic and integrated approach is required, and that the meaningful and timely engagement of the stakeholders is important in this regard. Furthermore, they emphasized that in order to increase the transparency of the reforms, the recommendations should be made publicly available.
  2. To open borders with Venezuela as soon as possible in the interest of our communities to promote and facilitate trade.
  3. To stimulate and promote trade among the islands in the most cost-effective way and increase affordable connectivity between the islands.

The document was signed by Mrs. M. Kock, President of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mr. H. Groot, President of the Bonaire Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mr. H. Van Xanten President of the Saba and Statia Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Ms. J. Carty, President of the St. Maarten Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Mr. W. Jonckheer, President of the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

CoC Saba & St. Eustatius

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