Sunny Valley Youth Center

Sunny Valley Youth Center
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The Bottom
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+599 416 3298
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Sunny Valley Youth Center

The SVYC is a multi-functional community center located in The Bottom Saba and has housed activities for the island for decades. The building was recently renovated by the Island Government of Saba and the hall and kitchen are now available again for short-term rental. From September 2016, the SRF office space is also located at the SVYC and SRF is responsible for managing the building and its sublet agreements. SRF has sub-leased an area of the building to the Saba Girls & Boys Sports’ Society After School Care (ASC) program. In line with SRF’s prevention interests, it is important for young children with parents who work in the afternoons to receive constant after school care in a safe environment as these children will be less likely to develop into adults with a distance to the labor market.


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