Saba Tourist Bureau

Saba Tourist Bureau
Phone Number
(+599) 416-3311
Short Business Description
Tourist Bureau of the Public Entity Saba
Business Description - Expanded

The Saba Tourist Bureau (STB) was formed by the Island Government of Saba in 1977, to serve as an information and promotional center to fulfill the needs of the island’s tourism market.

Based on Saba in the heart of the village of Windwardside directly across from the Breadline Plaza, we act as the island’s tourist office. We provide information regarding on-island activities, events and travel. Members of our team also represent the island at travel shows & expos in North America, Europe and on surrounding islands.

Our Mission: To promote the island of Saba and her tourism related businesses globally, whilst locally fulfilling the needs of visitors by providing informational services from our Office in Windwardside.


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