Flossie’s Cottage

Flossie’s Cottage
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Juliana’s Hotel presents Flossie’s Cottage, a traditional Saban cottage one story in height and made of timber-framed construction on a stone foundation with gorgeous hard wood floors. Old timeless pictures of Saba are hung through out the house this 2-bedroom cottage, giving it warmth and adding to its historical theme. Its fully equipped kitchen can cook up any home-style meal, which you can enjoy at the dinner table in this cozy home. The living room opens its doors onto a side porch, which has a view of the mountains, you will definitely feel at home and part of the local culture in this traditional Saban house.

Although the cottage is located in a private setting away from the hotel, you can still rely on the friendly, efficient and helpful, but non-intrusive assistance from the management and staff of Juliana’s.


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