Artisans display their work at arts and crafts market

Saba artisans showcased their work to residents and visitors during an arts and crafts pop-up market on Friday, October 21 at the Saba Tourism Bureau.

Artisans display their work at arts and crafts market

This was the first time this year that an arts and crafts market was held on the deck at the Tourism Bureau in the Windwardside, and it was a success. Residents and visitors ventured over in the afternoon hours to look at the large display of paintings, drawings, Saba Lace, Saba Spice, homemade made jams, hand-made jewelry, hand-made greeting cards, crochet work, and local music CD’s.

The idea to have an arts and crafts market was born at a meeting that the Tourism Bureau had with the local group of artisans and crafters as part of an extra activity to offer day trippers. “Collaborating with our creative community and thinking of ways how to incorporate them in events and activities is important, it’s part of Saba’s unique product offering and a great way to showcase their products,” said Director of Tourism Malinda Hassell.

Once a month

“We want to organize the market once a month. For the tourists, it provides the opportunity to find something unique to take back home to remember Saba and a wonderful moment to engage with the artists,” said Hassell.

“I enjoyed participating in the first arts and crafts market, and I was also very grateful to have an avenue for selling my artwork. It is important to participate in events like this to get the exposure for your artwork to locals and tourists alike,” said local artist Angelita Peterson.

Added attraction

“The community also benefits from events like this as it is an added attraction for tourists. The tourists also get to connect with the local artisans behind the products that they buy, whom they would not otherwise get the opportunity to connect with. I hope that more events like this will be planned in the future to enhance the cultural tourism product on Saba,” said Peterson.

Peggy Alma Barnes was present at the arts and craft market with her Saba Lacework and Saba Spice that she made at home. “It was so nice to participate and it is a great way to showcase our work. I love making Saba Lace. It is a truly unique, local handicraft. I have been making it since I was 12 years old. Making Saba Spice is a Saba tradition as well. Saba Spice is good as an after-dinner drink, in coffee, or on ice cream. I bake with it too.”

Artist Mary Thielman said the arts and crafts market created a good vibe. “The positive energy gives me even more inspiration to create and paint to show the beauty of my island.” She commended Malinda Hassell for organizing this. “We are very happy with it. It is hard for local artists to showcase their work and the arts and crafts market provides that platform,” she said.

Street fair

The Tourism Bureau also collaborates with Cornelius Richardson who organizes the bi-weekly street fair in The Bottom with food, drinks and entertainment from 6:00pm-11:00pm. The event aims to create a positive atmosphere in The Bottom, promoting local music and stimulating local food vendors.

Saba Tourist Bureau

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